Pushrod tubes

Std. – race engines.
Pushrod tubes in aluminum with double o-rings in Viton, spring and support washers in stainless steel.
ID=22mm on the head side and ID=19mm on the case side.
Designed for high lift, ext. rocker arms and when push rods with a large outer diameter, like Dual tapered 7075 aluminum pushrods art.nr 1006.
Comes in set of 8,  incl. instruction.

1001   Pushrod Tubes, type 1                    1595 SEK
Updated version with more internal space!

1007   Pushrod Tubes, WBX/OXY            1895 SEK



Complete set of 16 seal rings for Type 1 push rod tubes, art. 1001.

1036      Seals push rod tubes                  96 SEK


Repair kit

Complete repair kit for art. 1001 Pushrod tubes, Type 1. 16pcs o-rings in Viton and 8pct supprot washers in stainless steel.

1033        Repair kit pushrod tubes               198 SEK


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