Product development

Product development, technology development and product improvement are concepts that from the customer’s needs improve existing products/layouts or develop completely new.

Logmech has experience of different products and along with extensive experience it provide a good foundation for a product development project.

Logmech is offering everything from innovative ideas and solutions, to complete manufacturing documentation, or deliver prototypes or even finished products.

Examples of products Logmech has experience of and developed in collaboration with customers:

  • Slat Belt Chain (Patented) with associated module system
  • Product family conveyors
  • Product Catalog

Machine design

The concept of machine design is quite comprehensive and aimed at all types of industries. Logmech can offer solutions to specific mechanical problems, or supply total engineering solutions for the entire system..

Examples of mechanical constructions:

  • Vertical Conveyor
  • Roller Conveyor
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Pallettizer
  • Slat Belt Conveyor
  • Workstation Mira milling

Technical documentation

Logmech is able to supply technical documentation for machine safety, like instructions, assembly instructions and other verifications of the product.

Logmech undertakes both to make illustrations or texts individually. Alternatively can entire directories, etc. be prepared/supplied.

Examples of technical documentation:

  • Assembly instructions for production and installation staff
  • User instructions for the customer
  • Product catalog